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Voicemail Plus message waiting advice

Joining in

Our contract with VM was recently upgraded and ever since VoiceMail Plus has not functioned properly, When a message is left there is no indication that this has taken place. Before the upgrade the dial tone changed to a sharp beeping sound so you could tell when a message had been left. We would very much like this facility to work again. Now the only way you can tell if a new message has been left is to dial 1571.

I have made at least ten calls to 150 and the problem has been escalated several times, all to no avail.  The Programme has been 'reset' three times with no solution.

Can anyone help please




Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon @JFA8, thanks for your post.

To avoid the possibility of an alternative agent picking this up and creating some confusion, I would discourage creating a post that refers to the issue you've previously raised and discussed with me via our private messaging conversation.

Please follow the advice already offered in the private messages I've sent.

Kindest regards,


Thanks for trying to help David

I will avoid posting in the Forum as requested.

Sadly the help you initiated seems to have dried up the last contact was on 31/3/23 from Satyan who clearly understood the problem and arranged to 'reset' the VoiceMail Plus system, again. All this did was to delete our messages and not sort out the problem

I am happy to follow your advice as requested but how long do I wait for a solution?



Thank you @JFA8 


I can see my colleague last reached out to you on Tuesday, please do continue to chat to them via the PM so they can continue to help. 


We do ask that you do not start multiple threads in order to avoid confusion. 


Thank you again

Hi David

Sadly no contact from VM and the problem with the lack of a new message notification is still there. It is really annoying not knowing when a new message has arrived.

Please recommend best action for me to take, should report problem to 150 again?


Please could you also advise me about a problem with my new contract I am getting the services described in the contract of  18 March 2023 but the amount taken by Direct Debit is as detailed in the original contract dated 5th November 2021

Many thanks


John Farnell



Hi JFA8,

You would need to respond to my colleague via private message and not on this public post.