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Virgin retaining my number!

Joining in

Hi, Bt customer of 16 years, previously with NTL. Trying to sort broadband and phone move to sky from Bt and found VIRGIN own my phone number!! As I moved from NTL in 2006, Virgin can't trace me or the number in their records but still appear to be blocking transfer. It is NEARLY 8 WEEKS without broadband and bt/sky/Virgin don't seem able to talk to each other to sort. 7 attempts to transfer made, blocked (code 41) because of Virgin interest in number but of course my details aren't on their database. Long established phone number so needing to retain number. Desperately need to sort issue, can anyone help please? 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi AB62. 

f you are a BT customer with a number formally with and belonging to Virgin Media number and want to port to another operator. The order would need to be sent by your new operator to your current operator(BT)  and once that is accepted by them , the order would be sent to the owner of the number to then be accepted. The order to the number owner, so Virgin Media in your case cannot be rejected on code 41(incorrect postcode), this code would be from the current operator (BT) not Virgin Media.


If your Virgin Media number is still ported out to BT on our system, we cannot reject the order for any reason.  The problems here seem to lie with your new(gaining) operator and your current (losing) provider not being able to get the order accepted between them.


Have you been advised by any of the other operators that it is Virgin Media that is rejecting the order on code 41 and holding this transfer up, if you have then I’m really sorry but that isn’t the case here.



HI Chris, 

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.  Wish bt/open reach/sky were as quick to help! Wish me luck because I think am going to need it!!!!


No worries, I am glad that you now have the correct information and are not provided incorrect information. I hope it hoes well and if you need anything further then please let us know. - Chris.