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Virgin disconnected my landline now have different telephone number

On our wavelength

Hi basically virgin sent us a letter months ago saying that our landline needs to be plugged into our hub rather then the wall socket, but said if we didn't do this we wouldn't be able to make any calls but could still receive them, basically I forgot all about it and then last week discovered our land line had been disconnected, no dial tone nothing and when u called our number it said number not recognised.

So I phoned virgin and they said as I had a superhub 2ac that they would send out a hub 3 as 2ac didn't have telephone sockets. Virgin said that when I've activated the hub3 that I would get my old number back.

When I activated hub 3 the landline was working but had a different number, I called virgin and said I want my old number back and they said 72 hours rang retentions was now told I should get old number back in 24 hours.

My old number still hasn't been reconnected to me, can anybody help? I need old number as family friends have our old number and I don't wanna change it, can forum team help?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @madmanx 


Thanks for posting on our community forum and sorry to hear about the issue with your landline.


I'll drop you a private message now to collect some more information and investigate further, please keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.



Forum Team

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