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Virgin & scam calls

I have just telephoned Virgin Customer Services regarding scam calls to my landline.

Answer from them was to register with TPS. I knew this was not the answer. Anyway went on TPS website they do not touch SCAM calls only stop marketing calls.

So in other words Virgin do nothing about customers being receiving a deluge of these calls every day as we are.

I am not impressed, what I have had suggested is unplug my handset so I don't receive any phone calls legit or unlegit.

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Re: Virgin & scam calls

The default VM advice to register wih TPS is pretty pointless in relation to automatic robo-dialler calls which many people are receiving at the moment.

In reality though, there is probably only a minimal amount VM can actually do to stop these nuiscance calls on a day-to-day basis. VM may succeed in blocking one set of scammers, only for them to be replaced by another bunch operating from somewhere else and in a different way.

See below thread for an alternative approach with call screening/blocking.

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