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Virgin Media Landline Change

Tuning in

My Grandmother, who has had her landline for 30+ Years (through Blueyonder, TeleWest and Virgin) was recently shut off from being able to use her home phone with no prior communications sent to her. I received an email from Virgin Media days later October stating that her service would be disconnected on the 13th October 2022 which I will be honest was absolutely ridiculous since she is soul reliant on the landline and with her age and health issues it was not right to not communicate to her direct about the change. I am also sure the email was meant to be "Advance notice" I am sure though VM would prefer to just email. But not 2 days after!

In the email received it advised that an adapter was sent out to her address for her to connect to her Virgin Media Hub and this has clearly not been sent out other than by Royal Mail whom are currently striking throughout the next few weeks which VM I am sure would be aware of like we all are. Could this not have been sent out by another courier to ensure it is received. 

She has been talking to me when I have visited her - more now due to this inconsiderate action - that she has felt incredibly isolated, upset and lonely and this has worsened since losing her husband and having her landline cut off as she used to get calls daily or be able to make some.

She has macular degeneration and other issues and cannot use her mobile phone, and for her there is no other option. Can I ask VM to consider their older customers who may have health or sight issues instead of simply cutting them off when they feel like it. BT do not just cut people off when they are moving also to a Fibre Landline service.. They also contact you by letter IN ADVANCE of changes allowing you to call them!

VM, Please actually have sent this damn adapter out, as we have waited now since this has occurred and in the email sent it shows 27th SEPTEMBER when you claimed to have sent this out!


Alessandro Volta

Does your grandmother have a broadband service with VM or does she use landline only?

Does she have TV via VM?

If she has VM broadband then it may be a case of simply obtaining the phone adapter.

If she was previously a landline-only customer, there may be more work involved (which will probably involve providing an alternative cable connection and hub device for the new phone connection).

She is a Broadband, TV and phone customer and they say they have sent an adapter out but it has not arrived for 2+ weeks or so.

I have ordered a RJ11 to BT adapter (whatever it’s called) that it needs. 

when I receive it, do I simply plug it in to hub then phone into adapter? And as she has a base and a second wireless phone will they both work then as they did?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @James365,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post your issue on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that your grandmother is having with her landline services at the moment. The team should have been in touch by email around two months ago to advise of the changeover, so I apologise, if that hasn't happened. 

I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.