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Virgin Media Fibre Phone Service

Joining in

I received an email advising that on 30th August my home phone will switch to Virgin's Fibre Network. I will need to book a technician to make changes to the wiring in my home as I have 4 extensions. Also I do not have a mobile phone. I have looked online for advice about booking a technician but the FAQs say that I should follow the instructions that I was sent. The problem is that I have not received any instructions for this so can anyone advise how I can contact Virgin to arrange a technician. When I tried phoning 150 I went round in circles.

Thanks, Alex


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Alexlawrie


Thank you for taking the time to raise your landline query via the forums, we appreciate the confusion and concern this can cause. Welcome to the community.


The changes we're making are being rolled out across all customers, obviously there are other customer like yourself who have multiple lines/extensions. We will arrange, for free any wiring that needs altering at the time the changes are made. Your landline will continue to work as it currently does until the time of the change, nearer the time let us know here and we can make the necessary arrangement for you.