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Virgin Lost My Number - Told To Contact BT

I left BT to become a Virgin customer in March when my number was ported over - which was vital.

My phone worked well until two weeks ago when it became impossible to make or receive calls.     

 An engineer came on Saturday but was unable to fix it.                                    

He spoke to faults from his phone and was told that Virgin had lost my number.

 I was then told that it was down to me to contact BT and get them to re-instate my number so that Virgin could then re-port it.     

What the..... ?     Has anybody else been told to do this ?   

Firstly - this sounds like nonsense.             

Secondly - shouldn't Virgin faults be contacting BT ?     

Thirdly - why should BT re-connect my old number when I'm not even their customer ?   

However, I gave it a go, and spent over two hours across two days on my mobile phone sitting in queues.  Eventually got through to the correct department.                                                             

As expected BT were baffled by my request and were astonished that Virgin had sent their customer to a rival company instead of doing it themselves - apparently there is normal communication between the companies.   

So - since Saturday I have posted two complaints via the Virgin website = No response.     

I have posted twice on here  (this is Number 3.)   Both have disappeared.               

Contacted the board moderator = No response.   

Sent a message via mobile = no response.       

Virgin - WHAT do I have to do to get my phone fixed ?   Or even get a response from you ?   

NB:  If you have lost my number which has been with my family for 50 years and is known by hundreds of people on several continents - you will pay.

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