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Very disappointed, Porting landline number waiting two months!!


can someone fromVM please contact me about my landline.

I just don’t know where to begin with this as I have been on text chat like 8 times and on phone call few times and each time just promised a new date of seven days but false promises all the way.

I have been with NowTv and moved to VM and wanted to keep my 30years old landline number as my job role in community requires a sustainable contact number.. hence all previous suppliers managed,without a problem, smoothly transfer/port my number to their new supplier.

however withVM since joining the broadband in beginning of Dec i am still going back and forth.

the installer manually requested the port on day of installing new router and hub, he said in seven days my old number will work and gave us a “temporary VM number” (this number worked fine for a month).

My NowTv contract hadn’t been disconnected at this time so in essence I was still NowTv customer (as paid upfront) and entering into VM. - after waiting ten days we contacted VM - was just apologised and told to wait bit longer as they escalated the issue.. 

still nothing - so after waiting over a whole day on text (as phone calls just as bad long wait) they replied Fri 15/1/21 someone named Sangavi, kindly tried to help and insisted the port was all done on VM side and he sent a Vm technician next day (Saturday 16/1/21) to check the lines to see if we have connected to Hub in correctly. It was during this chat my Old number (one I used for 30yrs and from NowTv) was working TO MAKE CALLS but not to receive calls. It was this time I noticed the “VM temporary number” that was working from Dec till the date of the chat had suddenly stopped working too!! To my dismay it meant I had no actual number people could reach me on! The old number only worked to dial out and deadline for when calling into homeline!

the technician came on 16/1/21 evening - he said everything was fine from home side but he wasn’t sure why old number not working for dialling in (just worked for dialling out) he said maybe old supplier not ported number yet..

he left us with no real answer and no contact number to ring for feedback and obviously VM never ring us for any update/feedback on the issue..

So we contacted VM again and told it will take few days as they requested port,

then yesterday someone called TOMPA who said the notes say they contacted SKY and sending out another request for the port .. I told them I was with NowTv and never used SKy, TOMPA said he/she will re request the port from NowTv and give seven days as they await reply.


today I blankly received a text from Vm to say : sorry we cannot port ur old number as I disconnected my old supplier prior to joining VM!!


this is totally incorrect and I have all the text chats saved to show and the bills from Nowtv to prove I was still their customer when VM was installed and broadband started and that since day one of installing I requested number transfer due to the severe need my community have in reaching me as a priest in these COVID times I am needed more for funerals and prayers but I dismayed that VM left me with no dial in line and now saying my30yrs number can’t be ported ?!!

I would never have joined any supplier had they said no to porting number as it is crucial for my role to maintain this number.. as u can understand more so in these tough pandemic times -

today I noticed I suddenly have been issued a completely new VM number for dial in/out.. 

I just need someone to sort this out ASAP as it’s dire and crucial I have my old number back..

please can anyone fromVM respond.. 

I will greatly appreciate it





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Re: Very disappointed, Porting landline number waiting two months!!

Good Afternoon @New2VMLandline 


Welcome to the forums and thank you for taking the time to post. 


I am sorry to hear that you have had some issues with your landline number and porting the number in to us. 


I would really like to try and get this resolved, however I must state it might not be possible to get this number back. 


So that I can look into things further I am going to drop you a PM, please keep your eye on the purple envelope on the top right of your screen. 


Kind regards,


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