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VOIP changover

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Had an email about the changeover occurring on 30th August. 

Does this mean I will have to run a new cable from my router to my phone? My home phone is in my hallway, my router is in my living room. It is not convenient to run a new cable from the hall to the living room because of the shape of the house and where the room doors are etc. Also is virgin going to provide the extension cable to run from hub to phone. Totally not happy about this.

Also, what if there's a power cut? The phone won't work. What idiot came up with this idea?




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You can use a cordless phone set rather than running a wire and place the base unit next to the hub.

If there is a power cut your mobile phone continues to work.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey chalklands, thank you for reaching out to and I understand you may have some questions about the VOIP change over.

Okay so as jb66 mentioned yes you can use a cordless phone and it will plug into the base unit. 

Also if there is an outage or power cut then yes it would off, however if you have a life support connected to it will be backed up by a different power.

It will be very secure and liable for all our customers. 

You can also find some really helpful answers about the switchover here


Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

a. So I have to run an extension cable from my phone to the router? This is extremely awkward because of the shape of my house, the router is in my living room, my phone is in my hallway. I can't easily move the phone/answerphone as it needs a spare power socket, and all of the sockets in my living room are maxed out and my burglar alarm is attached to my phone line.

Why can't you provide a wifi connection device or similar from the router to the phone?

b. I have a burglar alarm system that is attached to my phone line, so if there is a power cut whilst I am out the alarm system will not be functional.

c. I don't see any benefits in this whatsoever, in fact I think it is absolutely appalling. It doesn't impact me, but what about vulnerable people who need a phone even when there is a power cut? I know it isn't just your company doing this, but the whole switchover has been badly thought out. Why fix something that ain't broke? I'm sure it will save you money in the long run, but I don't expect that saving to be passed on to the customer anytime soon.


PS Please stop using the expression 'reaching out' in your correspondence, it's an appalling American expression that has seeped over the Atlantic recently. 'Thank you for contacting us' will suffice, as it has done for decades.

I can appreciate the frustration this may have caused. 

Please be advised that all providers will be transferring to this service in the future. 

To clarify, do you have any other equipment attached to the phone line also?



On our wavelength


Thanks for the quick response.

I have a combined phone/answerphone, a CPR call blocker device and a burglar alarm system connected to my phone line.

Ahh, okay. 

You can get an emergency back up line installed with this service.

Have you been advised this? 

Thanks for the response,


On our wavelength

Hi, no I haven't been advised about this.



No worries, 

Do you have an appointment for the installation set yet?

Let us know,