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VM is treating us like idiots, no phone line now

Tuning in

What the.....? My phone line is dead, I rang VM to report it and was given a load of spiel about landline phone problems won't be dealt with now...... need something to put in the wall alongside original fitting etc, I didn't have a single clue what the woman was talking about and the fact that it was overseas added to the frustration.  After the fiasco with me being switched over to VM360 when I was simply trying to find more info and not being able to go back to V6 and now this, I am absolutely disgusted with Virgin Media. What the hell is going on, I'm fuming. 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi littlewren16, thanks for reaching out to our forum team.

We're sorry to hear of the experience that caused your frustration both with the TV 360 migration and the landline issues you've faced.

We'd love to best help with this, in order to determine what's needed we'd need to ask a few more things:

a) is your line connected on a wall socket and do you get a dial tone before dialling a number?
b) are you able to make or receive any calls and if not, what happens when you try to call in/out?
c) have you visited our service status page to see if a known outage has affected your line?

Please, advise on the above and we'll be happy to assist based on this feedback.

Also, you can have a read here where we explain everything about home phone switchover, the new landline service via fibre optics - if you're happy for us we can arrange a free migration so your landline works via the hub which will restore the issue.

Let us know if you want to go ahead and switch, we're eager to make arrangements regardless.

Forum Team

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Hi Adri, thank you for your reply.  My line is connected but there is no dialling tone, nothing, the line is absolutely dead.

I'm not able to make or receive any calls because there is nothing at all when I press the relevant button on my phone to do so. I've plugged in a different phone, still the same. 

I've visited the service status page, there are no known problems in my area. 

I don't want to have to have an engineer out while I'm recovering from a hip replacement.

I don't want the migration until I have no choice.

Thank you for popping back to us @littlewren16 and I am so sorry again and thank you for letting us know.

I'm going to pop you a Private Message so we can take a closer look.

I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.

Thank you Ashleigh, I've replied.