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Use of true VOIP phones when Virgin upgrade hubs to 21CV

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Does anyone know if we will be able to use true VOIP phones once our Virgin hubs have been upgraded to 21CV?

Any info much appreciated. Many thanks 


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Some call the HUB5X (looks like HUB5 but uses fibre to hub and has a 10Gb/ port) a HUB6.

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@GLP008 wrote:


Does anyone know if we will be able to use true VOIP phones once our Virgin hubs have been upgraded to 21CV?

Any info much appreciated. Many thanks 

The lines coming from the TEL sockets are analogue, so a VoIP phone will not work on them. 21CV is just the first stage of landline digital switchover. All it does is replace the twisted pair between the local fibre node (where your line was digital back to the headend exchange anyway) & your house, & replaces with a digital link directly back to the headend exchange. The PSTN exchanges will remain in use until 2025.

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Hi GLP008, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

Have you checked the link which Cardiffman282 has provided as this will give you a breakdown. 

Can you confirm if you require any further assistance with this? 

Kind regards, Chris. 

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Hi Chris - yes I did thanks - but it was information I already knew - the issue seems to be that Virgin's implementation of 21CV is not full 21CV and is therefore not "true, full VOIP" and this is were the confusion lies.

The Virgin Hub 6 is a hybrid hub that can be used for both traditional landline calls and VOIP calls. However, it is not a full VOIP hub - it does not have all of the features and capabilities of a dedicated VOIP hub.

E.g., My understanding is that the Virgin Hub 6 does not support all of the features that are available on 21CV, such as call forwarding, call waiting, and voicemail. Additionally, the Virgin Hub 6 does not have the same level of security as a dedicated VOIP hub.

Can you confirm this understanding?

Many thanks..

Thanks for coming back to us GLP008. I can confirm that the 21cv service that we provide via our hubs would still be able to provide all of the features that you have mentioned. Also I assume that you are talking about the hub 5 rather 6, as we don't yet have a hub 6. 

Kind Regards,


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Hi Stephen, thanks & you’re right, it is a Hub5 - before my hub was upgraded yesterday I’d asked what the latest hub version is & was told the latest is v6 - so assumed that was what was installed - shouldn’t have ‘assumed’ - seems like the hub 6 may be the latest but isn’t yet being rolled out?

Also, thanks ref confirming VM 21CV covers those features - does it currently provide any of the other VoIP functions (e.g.,Caller ID, Call transfer, Call recording, Call hold, Call park, Multiple ring groups, Voicemail to email, Call screening & Do Not Disturb) or will these need to wait until the next upgrade to full VoIP in 2025?

KR, GLP008

Hi @GLP008 👋.

Thanks for getting back in touch. We have no news of the Hub 6 as yet, this could be a little confusion around WiFi 6 to which cross providers will be rolling out in due course, but there are no confirmed dates as yet. Should you see any details regarding it and a sign up option on our website, please do sign up to it for the lastest news and updates. 



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Hi Sabrina

When I googled the question below is what I found:

The release dates for each version:

  • Hub 1: Released in 2006
  • Hub 2: Released in 2009
  • Hub 3: Released in 2012
  • Hub 4: Released in 2016
  • Hub 5: Released in 2021
  • Hub 6: Released in 2022

The Hub 6 is the latest and most advanced hub from Virgin Media. It supports WiFi 6, the latest generation of WiFi technology, and offers faster speeds, better coverage, and more features than previous hub versions.

But I also found a site stating that in Ireland the Hub 5 is called the Hub 6.  - I have family in Ireland so travel there so perhaps this is the cause of my confusion & the statement I came across?

KR, Grant

Hi Grant 👋.

Thanks for the information that you have provided. I am afraid the information that you have received back is not entirely accurate. As it stands the Hub 5. Is the most current piece of equipment that is available for all customers. The infrastructure in Ireland is not the same as what we have here so they are perhaps at a different level in terms of what is available. Apologies for this. 

Please keep an eye out for any information you may find on our website or as part of marketing where we are exclusively looking for customers to participate in trials, and sign up where and when you can.