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Joining in

I want to make an appointment to have my phone upgraded, but dialling 150 simply leads me through several options, none of which is to book that appointment. It's absent from the website, too.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi RogerDis,

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

Can you please clarify a little further about what you mean by an upgrade? Are you awaiting an appointment to have your homephone switchover to be pushed through, or are you simply looking to upgrade your phone package?

If you're looking to change your phone package, I'm afraid we cannot help with that. However if you try calling on 0345 454 1111, option 1 > 2 > 3, our team will be able to help from there. We can also help from Whatsapp via SMS on +447305 327 112.

Let us know


Thanks for the quick response! I've been asked to make an appointment for a technician to connect the phone to a new wi-fi hub for the upcoming fibre network.

Hi RogerDis,

Thanks for coming back to us! We'll be more than happy to help in that case.

I'll pop you over a private message now so I can take some details. Please look out for my message over at the purple envelope.



I can't work out how to make a new post.  I contacted Virgin as I need a new hub for the upgrade, they said I would be sent a text message with the appointment details but I have not had one, I am also not sure if she understood that my phone will need an extension cable as it is nowhere near the router.

Hi fowertank,

No problem at all. I'll pop you over a private message now so I can help out.



Hi did you send me a private message?

Hi fowertank, the agent did sent a private message, this would be the purple envelope, top righthand corner of your screen.