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Unwanted calls from numerous numbers

It seems that Virgin media is unhappy with already having a contract and taking money.

I have recieved 1 or more calls on the 4th / 5th /8th / 11th and the 12th . I feel harrased and that is not bennificial for any business , customers do not want to feel like meat.

I do not understand why its upto the customer to stop being harassed by the very company he already pays for a service .

Once every few months is fine but this is ridiculous.  I barred one number for a different number to call me the same day   . 

08001846408 and 0800408934 

Is virgin media useing a third party company to drive up additional sales ? 

Although I am personally not the bill payer for this line I have mentioned it to the bill payer and we are looking elsewhere for a new contract for the 4 phones we use. 

I'd suggest anyone looking to move to virgin media thinks twice. 

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Re: Unwanted calls from numerous numbers

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums, Stephenjemyers,

Sorry that you have been getting these calls, here are some ways at safeguarding against nuisance calls
To ensure that you are not receiving calls from us, be sure to untick you marketing preferences from your online account: My Profile>My Preferences>Marketing Consent

Corey C

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