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Unknown phone calls billed for.

Joining in

I've just received my bill and found 2 phone calls made on the

10 July 23  at 13.10 billed £2.08

and one at

10 July 23 at 13.34 billed £2.93 

I looked the the calls I made on the phone which keeps a log of calls and can see no outgoing calls usage were made on that date.


Please can you look into this?

Thank you.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi there Garrett-Dark,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear there has been an issue with a few calls, can I ask through the bill does it advise the number that has been contacted during this time?

Let us know,


Hi Kain

The number given on the bill is [REMOVED] for both calls.

[MOD EDIT: number edited in case it's an innocent number being spoofed]

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Many apologies, 

Please refrain from posting any sensitive information on the public forum, can I ask is it a number that you recognise/contact?



Sorry I thought that was what you were asking for, but it's not a number I recognise or know anyone at that location.

You can post a number but just redact the last 3 digits to anonymise it for an individual number/customer.

Common numbers for phantom call charges can begin 0123, or 09 for premium rate or are often the local area code with a random combination of digits to form a number.

Other common features are calls at all hours of the day and night being charged for, calls lasting for an exact number of minutes or seconds each time or calls which are extremely short duration or very long duration. Calls to the speaking clock are sometimes mentioned.

Sometimes call charges can be generated by other equipment on the line such as call blockers, alarm systems or medical/care devices dialling out unexpectedly.

A 'crossed line', caused by a fault, can also be the cause of unexpected charges. This tends to happen more with lines via a conventional wall socket than those connected from the back of the VM hub.

Do you now what the phone number minis the last 3 digits?

Don't understand your reply.

If you know the number, from the bill, which has generated the call charges, you can post it on here just redact the last 3 digits so you are not posting the number of an individual person/business. The dialling code might give a clue as to whether it is a phantom call charge or not if it has appeared in past topics on here.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks again for the response,

Just so we can get the call charges investigated I've dropped you a PM.

The message will appear within the envelope icon.