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USA ringing tone



When calling my home phone, callers receive a USA ring tone (single long ring tone), rather than the usual double UK Ring-Ring tone.

Connected via Hub 3.

Please advise.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi dave_dph


Sorry to hear of the landline issues regarding the ring tone since the changes to your landline operating via the hub.


How long has this been happening for? Do you know if this is for all calls or select ones? Can you confirm you're using the adapter via the TEL1 port of the Hub 3?



It has happened previously, but seems to be all of the time now. Yes, phone is connected via Tel1 socket on Hub 3

Alessandro Volta

Review this topic

When the phone is connected via the hub, you will find a range of topics on here where customers have recently been reporting unusual issues inculding international/American ringtones, caller ID time seemingly synchronising with an American time server, caller ID not working at all, caller ID working intermittently/randomly, 'withheld' caller ID not being recognised by the phone, calls cutting off mid conversation, calls allowing only one way communication (where one of the two parties hears no sound).

Yes there are quite a few posts relating to the same issue.

Having checked this is something our product and technical teams are aware of and looking into, as soon as we get an update or work around we will let you know here. Apologies again for the confusion and inconvenience caused.



Thanks Rob

You're welcome dave_dph, just to confirm there are no issues with you being able to make or receive calls? This is just the tone impacted?



No it's just the ringing tone that's not right.

Thanks for the reply @dave_dph.

As advised it is with our technical team and we are aware of this matter
Once the fix has been rolled through, we will update our customers.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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