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Turn off voicemail on landline

Joining in

It seems impossible to get someone to turn off the voicemail on my landline. We want to disconnect it (more expensive to not have a landline apparently!) so I don't want people being able to leave a message. I spent 1 hour on the phone trying to sort last week and got disconnected, nobody called me back. What's happened to live chat etc??? Can only contact them by phone and I'm not waiting 45 minutes again for someone to answer. 

This is my last hope, can someone please help me get my voicemail turned off??? 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Josp,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first post.

Sorry to hear you have been having issues when trying to get your voicemail removed. We can understand the frustration caused and we want to best help.

To best help, I have sent you a private message. Please lookout for the purple envelope and provide a response when you can.


Forum Team

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