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Telephone keeps chiming and cannot dial out.

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Hi All

Lately one of my telephones connected to my router has started chiming every hour or two. It just makes a short chiming sound and then stops. In addition to this I am sometimes unable to dial out to a mobile and get an engaged tone even though I later discover that the mobile I was calling wasn't being used at the time of the call. Anybody got any ideas whats going on here? Do I have a line fault?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @337edy2


Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums! 


I'm so sorry to hear that you are facing this issue with your landline! 


Can I just check, have you tried rebooting the Hub at all? 


Also do you have any issues being called? Do you also get a loss of dial tone at all? 


Thank you. 


I've experienced a line loss when the system is down but is okay when things come back online. There is no alteration to the telephone when I reboot, it just continues to behave the same way. In the time it took to receive your response the phone downstairs chimed again. Someone used our telephone to contact me only a day or two ago and despite mumerous attempts couldn't get through and could hear an engaged tone despite my mobile phone being free to use. As far as I know there are no issues with incoming calls.

I can see the Hub has been up for just over two weeks. Are you able to try a full reset for me? 


To do this please push a pen etc into the reset button at the back of the Hub and hold it in for 30 seconds. 


Thank you. 

I've just performed a full reboot.

Thank you @337edy2


Has this changed the phone line at all? 


Have you also check the voicemail as the bleeps may be alerting you to a new message? 


Can I also check do you only face this issue with engaged notice when you call one number or does it happen on other numbers? 


Thank you. 

Haven't heard the downstairs phone chime since. As for the engaged tone I'm not sure at the moment whether other lines are affected. The circumstances by which I found out about this were kind of coincidental. The chiming of the phone had been occuring for a while, even on our previous hub but I haven't reported it until now.Thanks.I will have to keep an eye on it and see what happens.

Downstairs phone has just chimed again.

Can you let us know if any other lines are effected as if it is just one it would suggest an issue with the mobile rather than the landline. 


Just to confirm have you checked for voicemail messages? 

It's nothing to do with voice messages. I need to point out these phones are not Virgin phones. They are not wireless either. They're what a lot of people would refer to as 'old fashioned'. I have 2 phones. 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs. Upstairs phone capable of receiving messages, downstairs phone NOT capable of receiving messages. It's the downstairs phone, the one that cannot receive messages that keeps chiming. It behaves in a way reminiscent of the old telephones when you used to get a cross line if you are old enough to remember that. Hope that explains things in more detail. You can't play games on them or anything like that. They're just phones with a wire on them or a cord that plugs into the wall and the back of the router. They have a handset that you pick up off the receiver and you put the listening part against your ear and the speaking part by your mouth and you speak into the mouth part, and you listen from the hearing part. You don't even need to hold them at arm's length to avoid radio waves because they're hardwired into the system of things. The only danger you get using them is running up a high bill without frying your brain. Anyway, it's still chiming every hour or so. Is this normal or am I being monitored by Virgin Media?