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TalkMore AnyTiME ???£8Dosent inc. VODAFONE

I was thinking to add the £8 calls package which ADVERTISES  ONLINE all UK landlines and Virgin mobile numbers and ALL OTHER UK MOBILES included in the package  But  when I called just to check details Im told it will cost me £.90p EXTRA per minute to call VODAFONE plus conection fee.    I THINK THIS PACKAGE IS MISLEADING as at not point you are told it doesn't inc. Vodafone, if you dont ring your bill will be HUGE as you think TALKMORE ANYTIME covers you. 

A) CAN someone explained Why this is not advertise as a exclusion????   Where is the list of the networks included? 

 B)  Can I add this at any time for half a year or some months and cancel when its not needed? As its like add ons

I was told that Virgin charges Calls to vodafone as non geographical calls or Virtual calls and its not written bcse its not covered by Virgin !!!!!

Currently with SKY which covers all networks. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: TalkMore AnyTiME ???£8Dosent inc. VODAFONE

Talk More Anytime

Includes calls to UK landlines, UK Mobile phones 0845 and 0870 numbers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: TalkMore AnyTiME ???£8Dosent inc. VODAFONE

Calls to numbers allocated to Vodafone are included in your package. However, if the number you are calling is PORTED to Vodafone from another provider that does not fall into the category of a “standard” mobile the call will be chargeable.

Some providers use WiFi based calling. Even if a number is ported, the original provider still has to handle the incoming call & then pass it on to the provider the number is ported too. This has always been a feature of number portability as the original provider holds the licence for the number no matter how many times it is ported.

The advice is always to check the tariff guide to see if the number range is WiFi based. There are also internet checkers that will tell you which provider owns the number you are calling.

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