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Talk More International Anytime

Tuning in

We joined Virgin yesterday.  On Wednesday I asked on chat and also on call if the Talk More International Anytime includes mobile phones in Spain not just landlines, as I need to call my parents' mobile using our Virgin landline when they are in hospital.  I have the transcript of the chat and I am sure you have my call recording of my call when I was told serval times that calls to mobile phones in Spain are included in Talk More International Anytime.  However, on searching your website today I have found out that it does not include mobile phones!  I should have been offered the Talk Extra International instead.  Please clarify who is correct here - your staff or the website?  Thank you.  


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Backagain, thank you for posting to bring this to our attention. Sincerest apologies for your mixed messaging surrounding our call plans and what is included. 

Here is the handy guide for our everyday call charges which outlines charges for every type of call on every plan. 

You can find the call charges for Spain and Spain (Mobiles) on page 24. Both have inclusive calls included in Talk More International Anytime. 

Where exactly on the website did you find information to the contrary? If you are able to post a link so we can investigate and get the information amended if needed!

All the best. 


I need to get the access code to call from the Uk.On ringing up..I was..finally...told just dial:

44 not 0044, then just the number i am calling plus its area code. ..doesn't work.

Have found online that it is : "00" then the country code , then enter the number plus area code.

Which is  correct!!! 

Does anyone  know exactly, please

Thank 🙂





Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
44 is the UK country code for calling to the UK from another country.

Which country are you wanting to call?
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own

Hi @solada thanks for your post here in the Community, welcome!

In order to call the UK from abroad, if you dial +44 as the prefix of the number, it will allow you to make this call.

However it isn't clear from your message if this is what you're wanting, can you clarify please?

Many thanks


Thank you.

So that will be 0044,then in my case..Spain 0034 and then the number wjth the area code

Is that  correct?:)






Hi @solada thanks for your reply here.

Can you please confirm where you are currently located, and where you are looking to call?

Many thanks


Hi BenMcr.

I am calling Spain from the UK. 

So can you tell me that access code to use





Hi Tom

I am in the UK. I have been using a website which does cheap call for years but have been having trouble with it.

Did not know I had Talk More International anytime  ,so thought I would try it.Took 2hours to get to talk to an agent but it sounded a lot of jargon but he did say to put 44,whether with the 00 don't know. But have not had any luck.

So just want to know exactly what to do.:)

Thank you

Hi @solada thanks for your reply.

So in order to call a number, you need to put 0034 before the number and it should dial it normally.

The only number you remove from the number you're trying to dial is the first 0.

For example, if you was dialling a UK number from abroad, that's an 0161 area code, or mobile starting in 07, you'd dial 0044161, or 00447.

Obviously, the fact that you're calling Spain means you'd do the exact same thing here, but with 0034 instead of 0044!
I hope this helps!
Many thanks