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Switchover horrors

Tuning in

Funny how you just know something is never ever going to be straightforward, and before it’s even started, you are hurtling into the abyss of incompetence (theirs) and stress and inconvenience (yours).  You just KNOW.

The switchover landline day arrived Tuesday this week, the one I hadn’t asked for and didn’t want.  I use my landline for almost everything and whilst I wouldn’t be without my mobile, not a huge user and certainly don’t walk around holding it in my hand or run my life on or with it.  Use an iPad for most things.  Additionally, I have a pacemaker so have to be aware of proximity to it when holding the mobile so don’t use for long chats or any lengthy calls if I can avoid it.  Certainly don’t want to be totally reliant on it. As I understand it, we have yet to get to a point where everyone is legally obliged and forced to have a mobile and use it for everything in the universe? I'm no dinosaur but why does it feel like that?

Router upstairs in study, with cable going direct to that room from the outside of the house, main phone in hall and extension phone in bedroom.   Unused phone socket in study also.  So I was dreading how this was going to work out.

Technician came, all v nice and helpful, said he could use the empty phone socket in the study.  So he swapped old router to Hub3 and then ran a cable from that into the phone socket which he changed to a sealed box.  As that extension was running from the main phone stuff downstairs, this all seemed ideal.  NOT.

Broadband on at once, all fine.  Phone didn’t work but he said it would take a few hours to migrate and might take until the following morning.  Sounded OK to me so off he went, promising he would ring me the following lunchtime to check it was back on.  Of course he didn’t.  Of course it wasn’t.

When I eventually got though on live chat, the earliest they could send a tech is  Monday 26th.  So six days without the landline.  Deep breath.  Then I get an email telling me I will  be disconnected on 17 July unless I put on the adapter they are sending.  This appears to be a different conversation or an automatic ping.  Even with the adapter, I can’t use it as there is no phone in that socket, which is now wired to the router.

What in earth is going on? They are saying I will have automatic compensation for what will be almost a week without my phone but it’s not really about that.

Impossible to get any sense from the script reading/writing advisors on the other end of the live chat.  Been four hours as I write, on WhatsApp, waiting for…not sure what exactly.  Have been transferred to the faults team. Right then.  Still waiting. A conversation that is totally unconnected with each other.  And now fearful that after days of not working, my 35 year old landline number will disappear into the ether like others are reporting in the forum.  But nobody on the other end can tell me my number is safe.   It’s clearly not in the script.

Like so many others writing on here, this is turning into hell on earth and the inability to get any sense from anyone is the worst thing.

Anyone got any advice before I spontaneously combust?!


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @PYH 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here.

We are so sorry that you have faced issues regarding to the new landline switch, we understand this can be a disruption so we would want the switch over to be as smooth as possible, we are so sorry again that this has not been your experience. 

I understand that you have an engineer booked in, I am sorry that this is not sooner, we always try to arrange the soonest appointment but there can be a wait for this due to availability. If we can offer a sooner appointment we will text this to you. 

Once the engineer has been and checked the connection for us I would be more than happy to look into the compensation with you, we do need to wait for the fault to be repaired before compensation is assessed as we want this to cover the entire time without service. 

Would you be able to pop back to us and let us know how things are looking after this visit? 


Jackanory ?

The reason why I am still waiting on WhatsApp after what is now 5 ½ hrs is that everyone is on there complaining, I assume. The compensation has already been logged automatically, I am told, whatever that means, but that’s not the issue.  The issue is that nobody can tell you anything you can actually rely on to be accurate. I am going to have to call it a day and give up on WhatsApp as I have wasted most of the whole day on this for nothing whatsoever. I’ll never get that time back.    A phone and an iPad on zero battery and an afternoon holding one or other in my hand at all times - so that I could ‘get on with my day' while I waited. I’ll certainly get back to you after the tech has been on Monday.  Hopefully to say hurray. Not optimistic sadly.

Large glass of wine too….

I am so sorry again to hear this @PYH when a loss of service extends past 48 hours the account should be flagged for automatic compensation, this would then be assessed and added after the fault is resolved so that the entire period of the loss is covered. 

I'll be more than happy to check the account for you and update you on the status of the compensation once the engineer has been and the phone is up and running. 

Technician came (from Bristol it seems) to sort this out.  Took a few minutes only.  It looks like the previous technician, when leaving the house after he had done the necessary rewiring, marked the job as ‘not done'.  This is because he had been told the phone migration process would take several hours, if not longer.  So he did the work needed but then left.  Not clear what happened then but perhaps the job was then automatically cancelled and categorised as not done at all.  That explains perhaps why I had emails telling me the job was going to be done in the future. In the meantime, my phone line was in limbo, not old line and not new line either.   So more or less a week when there was actually not a fault, but the migration had just not happened.  He rang, got the migration started, the hub rebooted and suddenly my phone working as it should.  Glad it’s done.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi PYH, thank you for all the posts and replies as well as this update.

We're glad to hear we've finally fixed the line issues and completed your migration, although we're sorry to see this took a second visit to complete.

Please, feel free to reach out again if you face any issues with your landline or any services in the future and we'll be eager to assist.

Best regards,

Forum Team

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Please let me know about compensation.  See my recent post.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the further questions, PYH.

As we can see you're speaking via PM with our colleague Ashleigh_C we'd best advise to directly discuss the details with them and we'll surely be able to explain more.

You may also pop back here and tell us how things go with the credit claim once clarified, should you wish. 🙂

For our compensation policy in general, you may find more info here.


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs