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Switching to Internet Landline

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In switching my landline over to the internet via my router, every time my internet goes down, my landline goes down and this is happening a lot. A couple of times a month for several hours.

My house alarm uses my landline to tell me what's going on so there are security implications. e.g. if my house got burgled while the internet was down, my insurance will be invalid. In my opinion this is a massive step backwards if Virgin Media cannot guarantee my landline will be available 24/7. If my internet goes down, at worst I can't do any work from home or play the Playstation. However if the internet goes down AND I'm being burgled then I'm likely to lose thousands of pounds. I was burgled a few years ago and lost £10k because my house didn't have a working Alarm. Having now spent hundreds on a new alarm system, I find I'm no better off in terms of home security. I need to go back to the previous method of having a landline. Is this possible ? If not, will Virgin Media cover any losses if I get burgled when the internet is down ? Failing that. Fix the issue and make sure my internet is available 24/7




Alessandro Volta

Unfortunately you won't be able to go back to a conventional landline and I think it is somewhat unlikely that VM would cover your losses in the event of a burglary. It would, however, be reasonable to expect your internet connection from VM should work reliably.

You need to find out what options are available from your alarm company to deal with the issue.

Alarm companies have been aware of this changeover for a long time but have not been proactive in helping customers with the change, based on topics on here. And, from the topics on here, they are certainly not holding back on trying to sell their customers new systems if they think they can.

You should investigate what sorts of connections are available for your alarm to work on a mobile signal. Your options may depend on the make/age of your existing alarm panel.

Some panels can take a communications card for mobile use. Some may be able to work with an add-on unit. There may be an option/device which monitors your landline connection and, if it fails, will automatically switch over to a mobile signal.

If you think your current alarm provider is not being that helpful or accommodating, seek some advice and quotes from other suppliers in your area to find out what your options are.

Worth noting, if you are speaking to other alarm companies, that you do not tell them you have a VOIP line with VM. The telephone socket on the back of the VM hub is designed to behave in a similar way to a conventional telephone wall socket. It is not a full VOIP connection/service. Talk of VOIP lines usually seems to prompt the alarm provider to tell you they can't connect the alarm and they need to sell you a new system!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It’s a very good idea to get an alarm that a) uses the mobile network for backup and b) normally uses an Ethernet connection, not WiFi. 

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