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Switching my old BT Number to Virgin Media

Dialled in

Hi Everyone, quick question.

We switched to Virgin Media back in around Dec 21, after some issues with the initial setup and Broadband, things have settled down and are working well (fingers crossed this continues).

We continued to keep our BT landline and old broadband as a backup (just in case), finally we cancelled the broadband Only just last month. However, we have since discovered that BT have cancelled our home phone line too (which we didn't want).

Now, I am aware I have a phone number with my Virgin Media package (I have tested it out this morning by plugging the home phone into the phone socket on the back of the Virgin Media Hub and dialing the Virgin Media number assigned to me and it works). 

Now... ideally we would like the old BT number ported over and replacing our Virgin Media Landline number (simply so that family members etc.. don't need to have a new number).

Is this possible to do? or, as BT have already cancelled our line (when you ring our old number now it simply says "You've dialed an incorrect number") is it lost for good?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Alan782


Thanks for posting in regards to gettign the BT number ported over to your Virgin Media account, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


We're happy to assist with this and will send you a Private Message to get some details to help arrange this.



That's excellent, thank you Robert.



No problem Alan, keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right when signed into the forums 🙂



Hey @Alan782,

Glad we were able to resolve your issue in those private messages, if you do ever need any help from us in the future please do reach out and we will do all we can.

Cheers. Joe

Will do Joe, Thanks again for resolving the issue successfully. 👍