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Switched to fibre phone lost broadband

On our wavelength

As the topic says.  I had an engineer switch me over today (Tuesday) with an adapter now connected to port 1 on the back of the modem, and to the phone (now moved to the opposite side of the room as it was previously and now needs to be by the modem).  Since then, I've had intermittent broadband service and continual disconnects.  I've reset the modem, no joy.  I've unplugged the adapter/phone, broadband works!

What's the issue, and how can it be fixed?  Please help.

Thank you.



Verify the phone adaptor is plugged into Hub socket TEL 1 ( Grey ) and not into Network Port 1  ( Yellow ).


Thank you for the reply.  As stated, I had a technician yesterday so yes confirm the connections are correctly set.  I called Virgin Media this morning, reconnected and had them check the line and touch wood all seems OK now.