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Switch to Fibre Phone - socket query

Hi, we have had our letter telling us we will be switched to the fibre phone system in July and will be sent an adapter to facilitate this.  I have accepted that due to the positions of our hub (upstairs spare room) and where the phone currently comes in (downstairs hallway near front door) that we will have to get a new cordless phone if we want to keep our phone where it is now or at least somewhere downstairs, depending on electric socket availability.

However I have noticed on various threads / posts on here on this topic that people refer to their current phone landlines with Virgin as connecting to BT phone sockets, but ours does not.

There is an old BT phone socket (which we used to use before switching to Virgin which is in the same location as the phone) whose wires outside go off to the telegraph pole in the street. The BT socket is no longer used as when we switched to Virgin the technician put a new Virgin phone socket in place near the BT one with its external wiring going off with that from the TV and Broadband to the underground cables, and it is this that our phone is currently connected to.

So my question is this - does the above phone socket set up make any difference to the switch to the fibre phone system?

Just thought I’d ask before buying a new cordless phone in case the Virgin socket does make a difference and a new phone is not needed - not likely I know but I thought I’d ask anyway. Thanks

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Re: Switch to Fibre Phone - socket query

Hi Chrissielou, 


Thank you for your post. 


To answer the question, it would be no - it wouldn't make a difference. Your landline should be connected as such: landline > adaptor > Hub. You can take a look at our website for more information about the Landline Switchover for more information. 




Ryan_N- Forum Team

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