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Switch-over: technical wiring question

Up to speed

I have just received a text message saying that my landline will be switched over in August and asking whether I need an engineer. I responded no, but now I've read other queries on here, I'm wondering whether I should have said yes. The situation is this: my Hub is upstairs, but my main phone socket is downstairs, where I have a DECT phone+ answerphone base. It would be highly inconvenient to move this base into the upstairs room. However, I do have a wired extension phone socket some 6 feet away from the Hub. This socket is a slave to the current Master socket. Would it be possible to connect the Hub to the slave socket, and keep the DECT phone+answerphone base plugged in to the Master socket, given that both are connected by existing wiring? If so, what cable would I need to accomplish this? 

My current WiFi set-up is a Superhub (not sure which) plus 4 Google Mesh units. My phone set-up is a DECT Base+Answerphone with 3 additional wireless handsets and a single corded non-DECT phone. The DECT Base Unit is plugged into the incoming Master landline socket downstairs, and the corded phone is plugged into the internally wired landline extension socket upstairs.

Any advice you can give would be welcome.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi savik2,

Thanks for posting 🙂

The phone would need to be connected directly to the hub, so you can either relocate the hub downstairs

or keep the hub upstairs and have a cordless phone, so one handset is downstairs.

If you need us to arrange an engineer to move things please let us know.



What happened to assisting the customer to connect the Hub to the existing wiring ???

In this case it reads like ... 
1) Disconnect the master socket from the 2 wire exchange line, take care to retain all internal extension cables.
2) Connect the Hub's TEL 1 RJ11 socket to the near by wall socket using an RJ11 to BT plug cable.