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Superhub 5 with landline

Tuning in


I upgraded my Superhub 4 with a Superhub 5 today, which I am starting to regret. My landline which worked okay, now seems to have several problems since moving to the Superhub 5.

1. Not all calls will go through, sometimes if I dial a number, I'll just get constant beeping and no dial tone.
2. During a call, if the person at the other end, ends the call... I will just hear the same beeping sound and then the line will go silent, but the line is still active until I hang up? Before, if the other person hanged up, I would hear the disconnect tone and the call would end and the line would close.
3. When I start a call, usually now I hear quite a loud popping sound on the phone before it starts the call.

I have a phone system at home (FreePBX) and use a gateway to use the line but I have disconnected all of this and connected a phone directly to Tel1 on the Superhub and it's doing the exact same thing.

Looking at posts here, it seems like the Superhub 5 doesn't work very well with the landline part...?



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, richardhughes. 
Thanks for your reply and updates.

We're glad to know we've replaced your hub following the tech visit and this has now resolved the issues faced before, although we're sorry to hear of this confusion caused in regard to our equipment.

We'd like to explain this is not a manufacturing fault with our hub 5 and we'd never supply faulty hardware on purpose for our customers.

There has been a known issue recently regarding the landline part of the service and the compatibility with some devices/handsets however this has affected a low number of customers amongst the hub 5 users and the relevant team is working on a fix currently.

Apologies for any inconvenience and trouble caused by this and we do hope your services will work fine from now on, in the event you face more issues please feel free to pop back here and we'll do our best to support you.

Best regards,

Forum Team

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