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Scam calls from 0744 3806877

 Hi Just to make everyone aware

We have had two recent phone calls on our  Virgin landline purporting to be from Virgin Media saying that there is a problem with our internet connection . When  I asked them for the account name they rang off .  The call came from what sounded like a busy call centre asian possibly .The number was 0744 3806877.

I suppose it makes a change from  scam calls from  "Openreach " 

I expect there are other numbers and scams out there to add to the list.

See also post titled " Scam call from 0121 number,

Just be aware .

Jay .



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Forum Team
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Re: Scam calls from 0744 3806877

Hi Jay9, 


Welcome to the Communtiy. 


Thank you very much for taking the time to post to the community with your experience. 


We do all we can to stop these calls from happening but it can be tricky.  You have done the right thing getting in touch and raising awareness. 


We would always advise asking questions. Legitimate businesses and charities will answer questions and give you time to consider a purchase or donation. Scam callers generally try to pressure you to commit right away.


Thank you