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Scam Phone Calls - 09040127626

Hi, i received my bill this month and had a £9 phone call from 09040127626, for 2.33, no one in my house has used that number, upon googling the number i have found it looks like a scam and many people have not even been in when they got this call and still got charged.

I spoke with someone from Virgin who said it sounds like a scam, but there is nothing that can be done, which sounds wrong and will encourage more calls like this.

Do you know if there is anything that can be done to stop these?

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Re: Scam Phone Calls - 09040127626

This phone number is essentially a scam.  It's advertised as a number for EasyJet customer service and does indeed redirect to the official Easyjet customer service number (0330 365 5000) but at a cost of £3.60 per minute "plus your provider's access charge".  Calling the official 0330 number is effectively free for people with a mobile phone contract or included landline calls.

So the question is: did anyone in your house call Easyjet recently?  If so, they may have been misled into thinking this was Easyjet's number.

You could try complaining to the premium-number regulator (

My own view is that this sort of "service" adds no value whatsoever to the user and should be banned by law.  Since it's not, the important point to remember is to never call a telephone number that starts with 09 (or 070, which is expensive but appears to be a normal mobile number to most people)..

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Re: Scam Phone Calls - 09040127626

Good morning dave_101


Welcome to our community forum pages and thank you for posting. 


We are sorry to hear of any additional charges on your account and for any confusion which may have been caused when investigating.


We'd like to take a look at your account and check the charges on the bill if that's OK?


If you'd like to proceed with this please let us know and we will send you a private message advising of the next steps.


We hope to hear from you soon.


Many thanks. 

Forum Team

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