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Tuning in

I am due to have my phone switched over to Broadband next month and the email I received explained in detail what would happen. As my router is upstairs connected to my desktop by ethernet cable and my main phone with the answer machine is downstairs,  I noted that the email catered for this by getting in touch with Virgin and booking a technician. Unfortunately when I contacted Virgin the call handler did every thing he could to stop me booking a technician and it was left that to avoid me being charged for a visit he would call me back later in the month to book a technician. Previous dealings with Virgin does not fill me with confidence.


Alessandro Volta

Ask VM (via the VM forum team on here, when they reply to this topic) to modify your home phone wiring so you can use your existing landline extension sockets via the phone connection from the VM hub.

VM should offer to do this free of charge for you as part of the switchover process.

Make sure they make modifications to your phone wiring so you can keep each piece of equipment in the same place (rather than the offer which sometimes crops up on here to move the hub to a different location)

Refer here

Do I need to book a technician visit?

You’ll need to book a free technician visit if...

  • You rely on your landline for accessibility needs or don’t have a mobile to make an emergency call – we’ll provide you with an Emergency Back Up Line so you’re always able to call emergency services.
  • You’ve got connected devices such as a burglar alarm linked to a control centre, use a telecare device, or have other phones connected to extension sockets. You’ll need to contact your provider and let them know about the switch if you have any of these to make sure they’re compatible with a fibre service.
  • The Hub and your home phone can’t be placed near each other.

Alternatively, a cordless phone system allows you to use phones around the home with no wiring modifications or disruption. Plug the cordless base station into the VM hub and use the cordless satellite phones around your home as required. If you already have a cordless system, you may be able to add in another cordless satellite phone to the existing setup as/if required. If you needed to buy a cordless phone system, to avoid any rewiring work, this would be at a cost to you

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @kantara 


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


Ill drop you a private message now to collect some more information so we can look to have this resolved for you. Keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself and I'll get this sorted for you



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