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SMS/text from/to Virgin Media landline - unable to register for service

For anyone out there who may have just bought a new text-enabled handset for their landline, and is unable to set it up to send and receive SMS messages over VM...

I've just spent fifty minutes on the line to Virgin and spoken to four different individuals, including two from Virgin's technical department, being repeatedly told that Virgin doesn't provide a text to landline service (technically true, as the service is provided through a third party, but not actually true, as Virgin allow you to register for the service and they are the ones who charge you for it).  At some point during the call, while I was trying to convince the Virgin agent that the service (known as Virgin Media Text and described in detail here does actually exist, by reading out information from their webpage, I spotted the actual reason for my issue in the fine print - "Only available to customers in Bill areas 1-18 and customers NOT in the Purple feature zone." As I'm in bill reference area 20 (whatever that means), the service is not available to me.

It would have been nice if (a) anybody at Virgin had been even remotely aware of this service and able to have a sensible discussion with me about it (b) they'd been able to provide me with an answer rather than me having to stumble across it myself.  I'm absolutely staggered that it took fifty minutes and four different conversations before anybody at Virgin even began to believe that I might be right about the existence of this service, and agreed to flag up the issue (i.e. that either the website is outdated or their customer service and technical department need to be made aware that it exists).

I'm presuming there's no hope for me to be able to send/receive SMS on my landline at any point in the future?  Does anybody out there have experience with this?  Would anybody from Virgin care to comment?

It's not so much that I want to send texts from my home phone (I have a mobile for that!), it's that my new handset has a feature for sending text alerts to my mobile when I have a missed call to my landline.  Virtually the only person who ever phones me on my home phone is my 82-year-old, widowed dad, and getting an instant alert to let me know I've missed a call from him would be so valuable to me.   Thanks in advance if anyone has any advice!

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Re: SMS/text from/to Virgin Media landline - unable to register for service

Hi CharlotteA1,


Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear of the telephone experience with regards to your call about the text service. This clearly falls short of the service we aim to offer. I am however glad that you've got the relevant answer to the question. 


If there is anything further we can assist with, please drop us a line.


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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