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Rubbish Support Service

Probably follow this up with a complaint.  COVID-19 or not, I expect service when I get through. 

I dont mind waiting to be connected, you are busy and the call centres are closed for a very good reason. But, when I get through I dont expect it to take over an hour to go through security only to be told 
1. "I'm unable to add the code as Its giving me an error message."
2. "I will transfer you through to the technical team, Don't worry they will be able to add this for you."
3. "But I have added Free Voice mail service they will add the caller display code on."

I didn't ask for Free Voicemail, I have an answerphone.  I just want my free 1471 service to work after you broke it.  Is that too much to ask.

So, then I wait a little longer and guess what, no one from Technical services comes onto the chat. 
wth am I paying you for?

Very disgruntled that I have lost 2 hours of my evening on this.  Can I send you an invoice for my time.  I am quite reasonable at only £75 an hour.


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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
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Re: Rubbish Support Service

What's the point in complaining?  VM's offer can be summarised as "tolerate our poor and often incompetent service because when our systems work we offer very fast connections", it has been for many years, and they won't be changing any time soon. 

There are ISPs with much better service, but they're all smaller ISPs over Openreach (companies like AAISP, uno, IDnet, Zen Internet, Aquiss).  If you do decide you've had enough, then make sure you read potential new ISP's customer feedback on Trustpilot before signing up.

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