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Router in Mode Mode and Phone on different floor !!

Two issues with the FIbre Phone switch proposals for me - what are the / are there any  workarounds,

(a) I have my phone at the opposite end of the house on a different floor from the router so can't plug it in without substantial wiring. (Unless I use my network - see below)

(b) I have my router in Modem Mode as I have fully managed Router, Firewall, Switches and Mesh WiFi of my own as the Virgin Router doesn't give me enough flexibility / management 

Are Virgin saying these are no - no's and potentially saying they don't want my business ??
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Re: Router in Mode Mode and Phone on different floor !!

For the second question, that's not how the Hub based service works - the line terminates on the phone ports on the back of the Hub. It's routed separately to any Virgin Fibre service.

As for the first option, you should have been able to arrange with Virgin Media for an engineer to attend and resolve your cabling to keep the Hub and phone where they are - however I'd think that would probably mean running an internal wire from the phone socket on the Hub to where you want the phone.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own