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Requesting a new home telephone number

Tuning in

Hi, I'm getting a lot of spam calls lately and want to try another number to see if it helps. Is that possible via forum or will I need to call it in?





You might improve your scam call situation (if you happen to get a 'new' number that has been out of use for a while and has no spam call history)

Or, you might make your situation worse if you happen to get a number with an unwelcome past (former business number, number with a history of scam/nuisance calls etc.)

Any 'new' number you are allocated will not actually be new but will be recycled from a pool of VM's number allocation.

In any event, the scam calls are generated automatically by dialling through number blocks in sequence. Eventually, your 'new' number will come back onto that dialling list and you will start receiving scam calls again.

If you are troubled by scam calls, consider investing in a call screening device such as trueCall or a phone from the BT range which has a 'lite' version of trueCall built in

When I have used this in the past it was 100% effective at eliminating the spam/scam calls.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi DancingBagel, 

Thank you for your post and I am sorry to hear thatyou are getting a lot of scam callers, I would consider @goslow's advice, let us know how you want to proceed.