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Removal of phone line

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I have been advised that from the beginning of December my Virginmedia landline phone services will switch to fibre connection. The instructions appear to imply that the telephone has to be plugged directly into the Virginmedia hub via an adapter which is to be supplied. This is not convenient as the telephone is where needed in our downstairs hall and the hub is in an upstairs bedroom giving the best possible Wi-Fi reception throughout the house.  I am not prepared to contemplate recabling as we have recently redecorated. Does this imply I can no longer have a proper landline service and will I get a reduction in payment for a service no longer receivable?


Alessandro Volta

Options may include modifying the existing phone wiring and following the route of existing cables to minimise disruption and/or taking cables externally. VM should offer to do this free of charge.

If you want a 'no wires' solution then you could use cordless phones with the base station plugged into the hub and cordless handsets used around the home as required but at a cost to you.

You could also renegotiate/renew your package to exclude the landline and I believe you can also leave VM altogether, with no penalty, if you do not want to go ahead with the landline changeover.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey Petbal, thanks for posting on our help forum and a warm welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of the issues and concerns caused by this service change, please visit here for the full info on this process and change as well as how we ensure you got the right set up for your home equipment and devices.

Could you please let us know what's the date we have confirmed this switch to fibre optics will take place in your area and if you've received any adaptors from us recently to use so you can connect the line via our hub?
Also, depending on how you wish to proceed with this we can help with booking an engineer visit free of charge, can the hub or handset be relocated near each other or could you use cordless handsets as advised by goslow above perhaps, so an adaptor can resolve this?

Please, let us know of the above and we're happy to assist further with this.

Forum Team

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