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Reminder: order your new Hub now

Joining in

My land line phone will only be able to receive inbound calls if I don’t arrange delivery for my new Hub before 8th September 2023. Ok, so how do I do that ?
I've tried just about every option there is on 150, do I wait until the 9th September and report it as a fault ? Will the line test even detect that a new VOIP hub is needed ?
Any help appreciated . .


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello bd100


Thanks for raising the hub issues regarding the upcoming migration to the landline services to work via the hub, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


We’re eager to assist with this, I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you so keep an eye out for the envelope in the top right when signed into the forums.



Tuning in

What's this about hubs ? Is something changing ? If we need to order something to replace what we already have why isn't it just put in the post with a covering letter and instructions on how to set it up ?

Hi there @GuzziStu 👋 Welcome back to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

Have you had any notification you'll be getting a new Hub? IF so, have you been advised your due for your landline service to be switched over soon? What Hub do you currently have?

Let us know, we're always happy to help.



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It's a HUB 3. Not seen anything to say I'm getting a new one as this one was replaced sometime in the past year. No-one has been in touch to say my landline is going to go. Do I have to transfer back to BT to keep it ?


Thanks for confirming, if you have a Hub 3, 4 or 5, these are all compatible with the switchover. You'll be notified when you area is due to switchover. More information regarding the switchover can be found here.



The do's and don'ts. Keep the community welcoming for all. Follow the house rules

OK. Read the notes in the link. Are you saying I won't have any phone services until I get notification my area is being switched over and I receive an adaptor ?