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Refund for incorrect call charges

For the past few months I've been incorrectly billed for call charges. We have a landline in the property but no actual telephone to make calls, and up until May there had been no calls made on my account.

An engineer came out in May and disconnected our landline, but we were still getting charges. An engineer came out again on 17/08 and did some further investigation, and it turns out my number had been disconnected but somebody else had been connected to my number. 

I'm looking at a refund of about ~£270, which I've been told I can only receive as credit on my account. The only way to receive a refund to my bank account would be to cancel with Virgin Media, which seems a bit counter-productive from Virgin's point of view? 

Is this correct? How the whole thing has been handled by Virgin has been massively disappointing, and to find out that it'll take x amount of months to get my money back is ridiculous.

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Re: Refund for incorrect call charges



Sorry to hear that you've been incorrectly billed for telephone calls and that you're keen on getting it resolved.


I'm going to send you a Private Message asking for more details, please reply back to it so I can take a look at your account and billing.