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Redirect call costs

Hi there,

I receive a lot of calls (UK) on my Virgin landline number during the week, but I generally have the re-direct option enabled to forward to my EE mobile as I'm out most of the time.

Currently, I only have Talk Weekends, therefore i'm racking up a lot of usage charges on the redirected calls (all received on weekdays) as whilst it's a received call, it effectively becomes an outgoing call to my mobile after the re-direct.

My question is, if I upgrade to a Talk Anytime package, will these redirected calls become included in my package or will I still be paying call costs per the minute (I realise there will be a small per month cost for having the redirect feature enabled - it's the per minute cost of each call I'm asking about).

I asked this on the phone to someone from Virgin Media when I called to discuss upgrading my package, I was told I would still be charged for these call costs.

However, on another thread on this forum (link below), the advice is different:




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Re: Redirect call costs

Hello CJAcoustics

Thanks for your post and questions

The best thing would be to upgrade the Telephone to Talk More Anytime.

Its an extra £8 a month and you get free calls up to 60 minutes to mobile included 

Full details are here 

You would also be charged the call divert cost on top 

Sadly we as a Forum team are unable to change packages 


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Just send us a text* with a description of your problem to 07533 051809 if it’s about your cable services, or 07533 016422 if you have a query about your mobile services. Your message will go into a queue and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible.


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