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Recover landline number

Joining in

Hi all,

Our virgin services were under my brother's name until recently as he moved out. Before his account closed, we placed a new order under my mum’s name, to start after his cancellation date. During the order process, we provided our landline number and were told that there is an active landline at this address and they will be able to keep this same number.

Fast forward to today (installation day) and we’ve discovered we actually have a completely different number!!! What’s the process of getting our original number back? Seeing as it was with virgin and at this very property, it shouldn’t be too much hassle, right?


any help is much appreciated. 


Alessandro Volta

Which provider 'owns' the number you want to recover? i.e. was the number you want to recover always a VM-owned number when your brother started with VM or was the number originally ported in to VM from another provider such as BT?

Recovering and renumbering a VM-owned number might be a more achievable prospect than one belonging to another provider.

Either way, you'll need the VM forum team to assist. They usually reply within a few days.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Jamran,

Welcome to our Community Forums! Thank you for your first post and sorry to hear about your landline number issue! I understand how frustrating this must be.

I'll see what we can do with this issue and try my best to assist. I'll need to confirm a few details first to see if we're able to help in this situation.

I'll send you a Private Message to confirm a few details, so please keep an eye out for an envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. I'll be in touch soon.
Thank you.

Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Landline number porting is designed to allow transfer of a landline number from one provider to another. It has never been designed for transferring numbers between customer accounts. If you had just changed the name on the old account it would not have been a problem, but creating a new account there is no "right" on the customers part to keep the number from the old one.

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