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Received new SuperHub 4 and wondered about using VOIP

I have recently received a new SuperHub 4 following my upgrade from Oomph to Ultimate Volt Bundle. I installed it without much issues, although I did find that the MAC Address filtering does not work as it used to on SuperHub 3, in fact it works very strange in that the "Allowed" list now gets stopped from accessing the WiFi.

Anyway my question is about my Home Phone. I have been a customer for many years and when Virgin installed originally from the box, I have the COAX cable goes to the back of the SuperHub router and the phone line replaced our internal BT landline and extensions.

So I have a BT phone base-unit connected to a BT wall mounted box and one other landline phone connected to an extension BT wall mounted box. The SuperHub 4 had good/useful instructions and showed how a BT phone can be converted (bought a connecter convertor) and plugged in. However I did not get a dial tone. Looked into the Hub settings and saw "Telephony Disabled".

I am not looking to switch landline completely to VOIP, so I am may have answered my own question and not to pursue VOIP for the BT phone base-unit, if it would mean the home office landline will stop working.

I am not even sure whether VOIP has benefits over conventional landline (although a little crackly at times).

Thanks for any advice or confirmation that I should leave well alone, i,e. don't fix what isn't broken.

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Re: Received new SuperHub 4 and wondered about using VOIP

There is no real difference between the line you have now and the one in the back of the Hub.

You'll still need to use the same handsets with it as it acts like a standard landline and not an 'over the top' broadband VoIP service.

Currently you can't request the change although Virgin Media will tell you need to change over at some point in the next couple of years, but until you're offered that, there is currently nothing you're missing out on.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own