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Re: Landline not working

Tuning in

Same issue here.

Received the fibre phone adapter several weeks ago with the note that said a letter would be issued to advise the cutover date. Never received any letter since then but phone line is now dead.


Joining in

Try plugging it in, Graeme, my phone started working once I did that so that might be the problem with yours as well. 

Just don't be the fool that I was and plug it in the wrong slot!  One will work and one won't, so try both.

Good luck!


Hi - Yes it worked straight away thankfully. Found out from calling Virgin directly that my line was cutover to the fibre service a while ago without any notification being given. Standard quality of service that I've come to expect from Virgin Media though.

Hello graemethompson.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. 

Glad it has been resolved now though. If you need anything else at all.

Please pop back on here.


So glad you got it sorted although yes, it is annoying when Virgin tells you to wait for a notification and then doesn't send one.

With best wishes