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Re: Landline not working

Tuning in

Have exactly the same issues - landline not working and support takes you round in circles. I also got as far getting some tests run from the VM end but I needed to call back in ten minutes to get my results. Guess what? - that kicks off another round of tests and call back in ten minutes! Can I have some help please that actually resolves the problem. Thank you


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @cjvir thanks for your post, although I'm sorry that your landline isn't working at the moment.

I've ran some checks for you, and there aren't any faults on the line so this may be something we need to get a technician out to you to resolve.

Firstly can you please confirm you've tried the following:

- A different handset

- To make sure your phone line is in the main socket, not an extension

- All cables are tight and secure into the handset and the wall socket

If none of these checks have resolved the issue, please let me know.

Many thanks


Thanks Tom - Zoie is on the case 😀