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Re: Compatible phone for superhub 3

I’ve been with Virgin since day 1 from NTL and Cable & Wireless. Just completed upgrade to Ultimate bundle with O2 sim etc. but so far minus the 1gb hub. My landline has been with another provider for backup since in the early days there were many outages causing loss of phone. Now that provider is changing to hub/router based connection, this reason seems dubious. If we get a power cut I will lose phone whatever. 
So, I bought long extension etc. At first there was nothing. Tried different configurations of cable etc. and still nothing. Then I spotted the additional short cable in the pack… RJ11 to RJ11 which I thought was a bit strange. Then I thought maybe it’s a crossover or similar. Attached to the phone base station, connected the new extension lead and there we have it. All systems working.

Maybe the problem is the cable and not the phone.

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