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REN number?

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Just spent some 45 minutes on the mobile to Virgin Media "help line" regarding connecting the new Fibre Phone adaptor to my BT base unit handset 😡 Eventually the advisor told me ask a neighbour to borrow their phone to check if it works in my home as the "REN" number on my BT landline phone may not be compatible to the Virgin net work. If my neighbours phone worked (assuming that I have cooperative neighbours) then my relatively new BT base unit and the 3 extention phones (that cost around £60:00) would then be useless.

Anyone else as frustrated as me with this "Helpline" advice surely I am not the only one 😤



This post is growing but I am not sure I see what is the fault.

Is this a case of you have recently connected your phone via an adaptor to the Hub 3's TEL 1 socket and there is no dial tone ?

If that is the case just check if your telephone wall socket is still live.

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That’s exactly the issue I have.

I have asked VM level 2 support for the make and model of a Dect phone that I should buy that will work with their hub5.  They say they can’t tell me and I should ask at the phone shop for a phone with a REN greater than 1.

None of the retailers can help.

Is there an official standard that a VOIP phone should comply with in the UK ?

I'd suggest VM is leading you on a wild goose chase with this hunt for a phone with a REN greater than 1, IMHO.


And you would be entirely correct, for the benefit of anyone who isn’t aware, REN stands for ‘Ringer Equivalence Number’, and is an indication of the loading it puts on the line specifically for the purpose of making the phone ring - it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with call quality, or calls dropping. I suspect that this is another one of those ‘half overheard conversations during lunch in the VM call centres’ which becomes the accepted wisdom and gets trotted out in place of honestly saying ‘I don’t know because we haven’t been trained on this’!

It is far more likely that there are issues with some batches of the Hub 5 which is causing this, and I think it’s slightly unfair to be implying that customers go out and spend money on a different phone.* As a case in point, see the long running thread on the ‘phantom numbers’ issue on the Hub 5.

* unless the phone is really quite old, over 20 years or so where, yes, it might struggle with ringing on an incoming call once switched to be connected to the hub, usually fixed by getting a third party adapter with a ring capacitor in it.

Some one help me out here

Is the case that an engineer comes over to the property to move the phone from the wall socket to the Hub ?

I thought the engineer was required to coordinate the disabling of the analogue line and the activation of the Hub's VOIP service.

i.e. the customer is not expected to perform the switch over to VOIP ?

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Hi @Client62 


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An engineer is not always required if the adapter can plug straight in to the hub and everything is good to go - this would depend on the customers scenario, do you require a technician booking for the switchover?



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I'd do not have a VM phone.

The original poster  Madgescotland  needs your assistance to understand why there phone is not working when connected to the Hub 3.

I was pondering if the cut over date has not been reached.