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REN Number


I have had an issue with our landline since we changed to Virgin, it makes calls and receives 50% of incoming calls (randomly) the other 50% the phone rings and when you pick it up you cant hear the caller & they cant hear you 

I have been to Virgin technical team 5 times and passed on to the second team. After months of trying and assurances I am now told my phone has the wrong REN number - it is too low at 0.07  & should be above 1.

REN numbers originally limited the number of phones you had on the same line so High REN numbers are bad (for everybody else) but not virgin apparently 

the phone is a Gigaset 630 

I feel liker I am being fobbed off with an issue which is Virgin medias equipment?



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Re: REN Number

Thanks for your post @DougRankin, and I'm sorry to hear of the low REN number

This would require an engineer to attend to rectify this issue

Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me

Kindest regards,