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Problems getting landline number ported over to Virgin

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Apologies for the length of this post - Anyone else had problems getting their landline ported over to Virgin when switching to them?  I moved from SKY to Virgin and expected my landline to be ported over with no problems - had the number for almost 40 years.  When nothing happened I entered the mysterious world of trying to negotiate the Virgin help and eventually complaints process.  I was told that the number had been cancelled by SKY before Virgin had ported it over - this despite hearing the Virgin engineer phoning to make the porting request when installing Virgin services.  I was told by someone in the Virgin call centre that I would have to contact SKY to get them to sort things out - see complaint made to Virgin on 17 December which lays out the scenario - 


When moving from SKY to Virgin my landline number (0131 665 6133) was supposed to have been ported over.  The engineer who done the installation of all Virgin services on 26 November made the neccessary call to get the number port done.  When the old number did not become active on the expected date I contacted Virgin who advised me that the line was supposedly disconnected by SKY and the number port could not happen - see details which you will have on record of webchats and phone calls.  After being told a port would be done following a call this did not happen, I was then told as number had been disconnected it would be up to me to contact BT who owned the number to get the porting done.  I said the matter should not have to be dealt with by me as I had no contacts with BT.  I got in touch with SKY who provided the landline to ask what they had done that had prevented the porting taking place.  They advised that Virgin had cancelled the the number port request and the number had gone back to BT who owned the number.  This was discussed in call to Virgin on 15 December and I expressed my anger that what should have been done by Virgin had not happened and that I was in danger of losing a landline number that I had had for almost 40 years. I asked that this be sorted and that I be advised of what was happening - previous promises of call backs hadn't happened.  I got a text message yesterday(16th) saying that Virgin are unable to port the number as it is disconnected from the current provider (SKY) and only active numbers can be ported.  The number was active when the port request was made on 26 November - SKY talk services ceased around 5 December so there have been ample time for the port to be done.  I have spend so much time on web chat and by phone I am frustrated and angry that what should have been a simple action has ended up with me being told I have lost the landline number.  If I had known that this was going to happen I would not have switched provider.

Resolution wanted

I would like Virgin to get the landline number ported over so that I have it again.  Any contact with BT should surely be done by you as the new service provider.

A reply was received - see below

We’ve got your complaint about the issues you’ve been experiencing recently. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch.

We’ll look into it and get back to you with what we find and hopefully agree on a resolution with you. We’ll try to do this as quickly as we can, but please give us up to 28 days to look into things properly.

We’re really sorry that we haven’t lived up to what you expect from us and we’ll do everything we can to put things right. 

What happens next? 

Your case will be assigned to a member of our team and they’ll take care of it from beginning to end.

They’ll look into your complaint and the issues you’ve raised. They might also give you a quick ring or text first to find out more information before they get started – so please keep an eye on your phone to not miss it.

If they can’t reach you, they’ll write to you with an offer of a resolution and you’ll have 28 days to respond and chat through things before they close your complaint.

If you’re not completely on board with the resolution they offer, you’ll have the choice to escalate it to a manager by following our Customer Resolution Code of Practice. Just let us know and we can show you how it works. See more on this here.

You can also keep tabs on the progress of your complaint online through your My Virgin Media account here.

We’ll be in touch soon.


Followed by a resolution letter on 19 December - see below.

We have a little update on your complaint with us. We didn’t want to delay things, so we’ve gone ahead and looked into a resolution for you. 

Here’s a quick recap

Your complaint was:
Cable -> Activation/Provision -> Other

We’ve looked into it and here’s what we found:
Thank you for emailing us. We wanted to let you know we value your business. You have written a complaint to us regarding the old number. We understand you are unhappy with the experience and are looking for the old one to be back. John, I understand how frustrated you must be; however, this is not the kind of experience we would want our customers to go through. We do have a number port team who will check the details and take a request accordingly. To ensure this issue has been resolved, we request you to once contact our team at the below-mentioned number. Alternatively, you could also reach out to us via chat

Here's what we offer as a resolution:
Customer Experience ->Time to answer call or respond to enquiry - Internal feedback provided

We hope this works for you.

We’ll keep your complaint open for 28 days from now just in case you still want to talk through your options. Please ring us on 0345 454 1111 if you’re not completely happy with the resolution

If we don’t hear back after 28 days, we’ll assume you’re satisfied with everything and close your complaint.

Stay on top of your services

To make the most of your time with us, make sure you’ve downloaded the My Virgin Media app. With it, you can manage your bills with a tap and a swipe, check the service status in your area, find out when we expect any known problems will be fixed, diagnose issues with your in-home equipment, and loads more.

Action following receipt of this letter

I phoned the number given and spoke to someone to indicate that the proposed resolution was useless.  I was basically told I had to contact SKY to get the landline reconnected so Virgin could port the number over.- see below - I could only put his in writing as a new complaint as there appears to be no way to provide supplementary information i.r.o and existing complaint.

Virgin complaint - 20 December


Previous complaint reference C-17122290 - your e-mail response of 19 December 2022 refers.  Following your response of 19 December I contacted your team at the number given 0345 454 1111 as I am not happy with what your offer of a resolution was.  I was on the call for over 30 minutes without getting any suitable explanation of what your letter actually meant.  Your letter seems to indicate that the matter has been resolved but as far as I am concerned the matter is far from resolved as my previous landline - 0131 665 6133 - has not been ported from SKY.  The operator I spoke to yesterday could only keep reiterating that I had to contact SKY yo get the number reconnected for 7-10 days to allow Virgin to port the number.  I said that it should not be up to me to do this as I had been advised by SKY that a porting request had been cancelled by Virgin, and a further request made on 13 December by Virgin had according to SKY been successful.  Following my call to you yesterday I contacted SKY to explain the issue to them (a second time) and to say that Virgin had told me that I should ask SKY to reconnect the landline for 7-10 days to allow Virgin to port the number.  Sky have told me that they no longer have the number and that if they were to reconnect a landline for me it would be allocated a number randomly, it would not be my old landline which I have had for around 40 years.  When speaking to your operator I asked why Virgin could not contact BT directly to "rescue" my landline number, I said I would give written authorisation for Virgin to do this and finally resolve the matter.  This offer was not taken up.  On the call I was going round in circles trying to get the operator to understand that I am caught in the middle - Virgin are telling me I have to get SKY to reconnect the line, SKY telling me that porting requests from Virgin had been made and the one on 13th was successful, and also that could not reconnect the old landline number as it was back with BT.

 Resolution wanted

I am totally disappointed with the whole contact of the resolution letter - it looks like various sections of text have been put together by a robot, not a human being.  The letter says "we have a number port team who will check the details and take a request accordingly".  The letter does not say from whom they will take a request - me? or someone else in your organisation.

Your offer of resolution does not work for me - it does not solve the issue or indicate what the barriers are to Virgin getting the landline ported.

I have looked at the OFCOM guidance on switching a landline and all the references are to the new provider arranging the transfer.

As a new customer to Virgin I am extremely disappointed in my experience of dealing with you so far.

As already previously stated I want my landline number - 0131 665 6133 - ported over as soon as possible. Also if there are any issues which need clarified I would like someone in authority to contact me after having looked at all the previous contact information  - webchat, calls etc - so that the onus is not on me to call a random operator in your organisation.

I look forward to hearing  from you, hopefully with a proper offer of a satisfactory resolution.

Further action

When tracking my complaints the one made on 20 December indicated that the issue had been resolved no indication if the information given had been associated with the original complaint. – So a further complaint was made (done these in writing as speaking to a human was useless!!)

Virgin complaint 24 December


Landline not ported over from previous provider - see C-17122290 and follow up C-2012221484and the comments made on that relating to the resolution letter received i.r.o C-17122290 and the contact I had with SKY regarding the porting.  The complaints history shows that C-2012221484 has been resolved (on the day it was submitted!!!) and C-17122290 is still active and being looked into.  C-2012221484 cannot have been resolved as I provided further detail from ~SKY .

Resolution wanted.

This whole matter is getting so drawn out  with the risk that my 40 year old landline number will be lost to me.  Please look at the entire history of my contact regarding this - webchat, calls and complaints in writing and get the matter sorted.

To sum up

My original complaint shows in the tracker that one of the team is looking into the issue – update as of 19 December.  I appreciate that there has been the Christmas and New Year holidays in the intervening period but there have been at least 9 working days since I contacted Virgin on 19 December.  I have yet to receive any response or follow up to my call expressing dissatisfaction with the so-called resolution and my written follow ups.

I have spent so much time on this and am annoyed that what should have been a simple matter has turned out to be such a shambles.

Sorry for the length of this post but hopefully this matter will be sorted out soon.





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Saorsa, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community, I am really sorry to hear you have been having issues with a number porting.

With any number we can port this over if the number is still active if it not active we can't port this over as the number does not exist anymore. 

We would of tried to port the number over and we would of tried our best to get it but in this process Sky could of come back to and said this has been deactivate. 

Please can you just confirm to me if Sky have said this number has now been deleted?

I have taken a look at our side and I can see the complaint is still being looked into. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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Hi Matt - SKY advised that the number had went back to BT as they owned the original number, VIRGIN told me to get SKY to reactivate the number which they couldn't , told me porting request had been cancelled by Virgin and then a further one was made and as far as they are concerned it was successful.  Porting request made by your engineer on 26 November so there was a cross over of about 10 days before things went live.  The whole process of dealing with the call centre/webchat etc has been most frustrating. all of what I have sent by way of complaint is in my post, not to include the calls which have no doubt been recorded.  The resolution letter with resolution offer received did not address the issue being complained about and appeared to have been a cut and paste job.  I done everything as required regarding moving all services to Virgin - if I had known that there was going to be this problem I would have reconsidered moving.  There is nowhere I can find on the sytsem to provide updates iro a current complaint - as you will see I had to do this via further complaints which were "resolved" as soon as they were posted - no indication that the information had been linked to the original complaint.

I had some slight hope of getting this fixed from the content of the resolution letter of 9 December which said "We do have a number port team who will check the details and take a request accordingly" - no indication of who would make the request!

Hope this matter can be resolved to my satisfaction asap.



Hey Saorsa, thank you for reaching out and confirming this, if the number has gone back to BT have you tried to call them to see if they can reactive it?

Also as mentioned I can see the complaint is still open so please do not worry it will get addressed with the relevant team.

If you tried to call BT to see if they can do this and if they can we can look at porting this number, if not this number has gone unfortunately and we won't be able to port this over.

Please keep me updated either way, I can also message the person dealing with your complaint if you wish? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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Hi Matt

My wife spoke with SKY on 13 December who advised "have spoken to the Team and we don't know why Virgin cancelled the number port request, as the services have ceased with Sky this number has now gone back to BT who own it.  You need to contact Virgin and get the number port team to request the number from BT".  This information has already been related to Virgin.

After contacting the complaints team on 0345 454 1111 as advised in the letter to me of 19 December - i contacted SKY again and also BT - Sky re-iterated what I had already been told, BT said they could not port a number to me, a request from the new provider i.e Virgin would be needed.  All along the onus has been put on me to try and rectify a situation not of my making and having to spend much time contacting SKY and BT.

Any update from the complaints team would be welcome as currently I have been left in limbo with the chances of getting my old landline number restored diminishing as time passes.

Thanks for your time

Hey Saorsa, if this is the call I send you a PM so we can look at raising a telephone port for you.

If the number is not active it will not work but we can certainly try.

We will look into everything, please look out the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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Why cant someone contact BT directly.  I can't imagine "dead" landline numbers are re-issued immediately, so presumably sitting in limbo.

Alessandro Volta

@Saorsa wrote:


Why cant someone contact BT directly.  I can't imagine "dead" landline numbers are re-issued immediately, so presumably sitting in limbo.

AIUI, a disconnected number is held in a pool of numbers for something like 3 to 6 months before being reissued.

See reply below (I haven't read your topic here, it's pretty long, but I hope I have got the gist from the info below!)

On our wavelength

HI Matt


You will probably see or have seen the response from "goslow" about the porting issue - see below:-

I have read quite a few 'lost number' topics here in the past. Very distressing to have lost a long-held telephone number, especially for older family members who rely on the landline for contact.

Success (or not) often seems to involve making contact with the 'right' person within VM who fully understands the porting processes. Unfortunately, I don't fully understand the porting processes enough to give you detailed advice!

AIUI, if BT 'own' the original number, then it reverts to BT if it gets 'lost'. On the past topics on here I can recall where a lost number has been successfully recovered back to VM, the terminology that has been used is that VM needs to issue the number owner with a 'favour request' to make the number available again for VM to port it to VM. (For BT, replace Sky etc. etc. depending on who actually 'owns' the number)

Between the vast structures of BT/Sky and VM, it might be just luck whether you can reclaim your number but using the right terminology might help and a 'favour request' to reclaim a lost number seems to have worked for some people in past topics.

I hope you can reclaim your lost numbers back again.

Can you get this passed on to the Complaints Team and get them to issue a "favour request" to BT - if, of course, they are not already doing that.  You seem to be the only way, except from calling , to get information passed on.  Grateful if you can ensure this info gets to whoever is dealing with my complaint.  I also see from looking through the Forum posts that I am not alone in having this landline .