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Porting number to Virgin Media from BT

On our wavelength

Hi all, 

Hoping one of you guys will have seen this situation before and advise:

So I arranged for my sister to port across from BT (it was a SOGEA line / digital voice) across to Virgin Media. I’ve been calling the number from my EE mobile and have been connecting to the BT voicemail (which is fine as the BT equipment is all unplugged now).

The number was supposed to port across yesterday so when I was still getting connected to BT voicemail, I assumed it hadn’t been done.

However, one (extremely long) call to Virgin later, they’re adamant it’s done. So after lots of digging, we find that if you call from 3, Vodafone or O2, the phone rings and goes to Virgin Media voicemail. Same from a TalkTalk landline. 

So the problem statement appears to be that it’s only calls from EE that are still routing to BT. 

Has anyone experienced this before when porting from the BT voip platform to the Virgin Media voip platform. If we just wait this one out, is it likely to resolve itself or do I need technical assistance.

I’m more relieved at the idea something is happening because at some point, BT will cut the old line off.



We saw a very similar issue when my in laws ported from BT to Talk Talk & our calls to the in laws were failing.

When the matter persisted, we raised a ticket with our phone provider Sipgate, it took about a week to be traced & resolved, it has been fine ever since.