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Porting home phone from VM and impact on contract

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My VM home phone, which was originally a BT number ported to Blueyonder is a well known number. I would like to port this number away from VM to a cloud provider to allow me to route calls to my well known number and then forward them to wherever I want the call presented.

I understand that I need the Cloud Provider to request the number port from VM which will cease the VM line upon porting.  If however I wanted to retain my VM home phone but with a new, random, number this would mean that I have retained the same services from VM (effectively a home phone number swap).  As such would this constitute a change to my contract that would reset the timer on my contract length. I don’t see why it should as my services haven’t changed. I believe that I am currently out of contract.

If this is possible, I.e. no contract reset, what process/procedure do I need to follow to get this done and how long will it take?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey there @sjt_63, thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media forums.

The solution to your problem here would be to have a 2nd line installed, as with the original, once a port request is made, once the request is completed - the line would shut down and the account would close afterwards.
Which is why if you took out a second line, with the original you would have full control after porting it (to your liking), and then to ensure the service is still up and running with us, this is where the 2nd telephone line would come in and keep the account active.

Hope this answers the question.
If you would like to take out a 2nd line, let us know.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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