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Porting Process

Joining in

Hi! We have just set up our broadband and landline. Everything is working as intended with the temporary telephone phone number supplied.

I have been in touch with customer support about porting an existing active number to this address and they have let me know the process is underway and will take roughly 14 days.

My question is - will I have to get in touch with the previous provider of the number I am porting (BT) in order to confirm the port? Or will they contact me? It seems unlikely this can happen without some form of authorisation from me?

Thanks for your help.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello SusanHinde.

Thanks for your post and welcome to our Forums.

The number can take 14 days to come over from your other provider.

We are not able to close your account as that requires Data Protection and only the account holder can do this.

But make sure its still active until the number comes over to us.

If you have any issues, please let me know.


Thanks for getting back Gareth - but this doesn't quite answer my question. I will try to be clearer:

Do I need to get in touch with BT to authorise the port or not?

Any guidance would be most welcome.


Hello SusanHinde.

No you won't need to contact BT as its all done internally by us.

Sorry this should have been answered on the last post.



Thanks Gareth - I appreciate the answers. The process is a little confusing for the layman. I am assuming then that we can expect BT to contact us for authorization to release the number? Otherwise it would be possible for anyone to port a stranger's number to theirs. 

BT will be in touch with you SusanHinde.