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Please increase the number of rings before 1571 kicks in

Joining in

Hi virginmedia,

I have now rung 150 at least 3 times to ask for the number of rings before voicemail kicks in to be  increased to 10, and each time i have been told it's been done but it remains at 5!! I do not have good mobility and cannot get to the phone quickly. Please help.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi PeterOsbaldisto, 

Thank your post and welcome to our forums 🙂 I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your call extension ring. I can look into this for you and make sure it's all added for you.

I will pop you over a PM and go from there.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi PeterOsbaldisto,

Thank you for messaging with us and I am glad I could process this. Please keep us posted, we will be here if you need anymore help 🙂 



This has still not been resolved. I must have requested this at least 6 times now. You say a job has been raised and to wait 24 hours but nothing ever happens. I am a vulnerable customer and not in good health and I simply cannot get to the phone within 5 rings before voicemail kicks in. Your inability to resolve such a simple request would be laughable if it weren't so serious.

Could someone with the ability and authority to see this request through to completion please contact me. Do not simply raise another job and ask me to wait yet another 24 hours as that clearly has no effect.

Thank you.


Hi @PeterOsbaldisto thanks for your post again here in the Community.

I'm very sorry that this is still unresolved for you, I can appreciate your frustrations here.

I can see that you've messaged Zoie privately with this, so please await a reply from her directly as she'll be able to pick this up for you and see what has happened here.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Many thanks


How long do you expect me to wait? 

Zoie has not responded to me since Thursday last week!

And still nothing happens.

Hi Peter, I responded to you on Thursday and can see you sent a reply Sunday, this was my rest day and I was off Monday. It can take 48 hours for a response and I know this current situation is frustrating. I can only apologise for this.