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Phoneline is cutting off mid call

Tuning in

This problem is identical to Sheebs65 - it started occurring shortly after the switchover to internet connected phone in the summer.

The situation is we only make about one call on a sunday  - the rest are incoming and are of short duration. We have delayed making a complaint in the hope that everything would "bed in" and settle down - but it has`nt !!!!!!!!!!!!

The one call my wife makes to her friend (every Sunday at 10.30 am) should last abour 40 mins but after 30 mins the call is cut and my wife has to re-ring to re-establish contact which is often lost again, much to her extreme annoyance. This evening she received a call (from a neighbour who also has a Virgin phone ) which was lost after 3 mins. On re-connect the neighbour confirmed that she was often getting the same problem. (Thatcham)

I have been re-booting the modem every Sunday to ensure the speed and connection is working - and it always is. I will continue to do this but in future I will also dis- connect and reconnect the phone line to the modem in the hope thos will help - but I would prefer not to !!!!!

Please advise that our problem is receiving atttention and will be resolved. :- regards

Alan Taylor


Another Sunday--April 2nd, and my wife completed another lengthy landline phonecall of 50 mins without any interruption.

Prior to these calls I have been re- booting the modem and testing the speeds after re-aquiring the signal . The time of re-aquasition and speeds are consistent and very good.

I note that in a recent news advice by Virgin to all internet users they recommend re-booting the modem after 10-11 secs of power down and disconnecting all cables and re attaching during the power down interval - this is if you suspect your connection may be underperforming.

I shall extend my tests in future to include re-attachement of the phone adapter as part of my maintenance procedure.

regards AlanRos




It is 3 weeks since I thought everything was ok - the problem has now returned with every call we make since Saturday being cut off after a few mins and cutting off again.

Saturday call to my son at 7/0pm  cut off after 5 mins - resumed and then cut again after 5 mins  - resumed and stayed connected until we ended call 25 mins later

Today Sunday 16th April morning regular call to wifes friend call lost after 10 mins - resumed and lost after 45 seconds- then resumed and lost again after a few mins. My wife then called her friend on her non Virgin mobile at 10.45 - call was finished ok.

At 11.02 went back to landline to speak to her brother - failed at 11.12 am resumed at 11.13 and was finished at 11.17

I will be reporting this to 150 - 

Alan Ros

Thank you for updating us @alanrostaylor and we are so sorry to hear that this issue has returned. 


I can see that you do have an appointment booked already for an engineer to take a look into this, are you able to let us know how things are looking after this time? 


Thank you

yes I will advise further after the engineers visit



A different engineer called today within the alloted time . He explained he was limited in what he could do - what he would do was to further examine the original connections to the new Hub and ensure their integrity was at maximum by replacing them with new items.

He fitted the following items:- New Connection Box-  New Isolator - New cable Isolator to Hub - new phone line,Hub to Panasonic Dect Phone.

He removed the Adaptor as the new phone line had the correct " end" now and did not now need an adapter.

Further action (if needed ), could be examination/replacement of exterior cabling and connection from the house to the pavement connection.

I will continue to post how the phone connection performs over the next few weeks.





Hi @alanrostaylor thanks for getting back to us.

And thanks for updating us.  Have you made/received any calls on your landline since the tech left your property?  And if so, how have they been so far?



Thanks Lee-

The frequency of calls is part of the problem - we receive very few calls  - these number 2 or 3 per week and are of very short duration.

The calls made from us are 2 per week on a Sunday morning and are usually 10 - 30 mins - my wife has a gossip with relatives.

This is not a very high bar for Virgin  to get over - We do not wish to inflate the number of calls , - we would rather leave our requirement within bounds in the hope of true success ?

here`s hoping




Thanks for the update @alanrostaylor 

Please do you get back to us, when you've had time to review.



Review today Monday 1st May 2023:-

It has been 3 weeks since the last engineers visit on monday16th April.

My wife made her usual Sunday morning call on 23rd April. Call lasted 50 minutes without any interruption or failure . This is a record.

She made another call on Sunday morning 30th April. This call failed after 39 minutes. Re-connection was not immediate and involved 3 attempts. The first 2 only got as far as being connected but the recipient could not hear her. The 3rd connection allowed the conversation to resume ok for another 5 mins when my wife then terminated the call herself.   She then made another call to her brother which lasted for 18 mins with no failure.

So the problem has re-appeared, I have not reported this to Virgin yet - I am going to see if the next call on the next Sunday also has a problem - if it does I will report to Virgin again. I do not want an Engineer this week.

The difficulty in satisfactory reconnection until a few minutes have passed has been experienced in previous call failures -  



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

We can appreicate the frustration caused, 

Many apologies for this, I can see that our team are still requesting updates on this matter, do again keep us posted when you can.